The Tale Of Making Two Empty Bowls

Sharon P Made This Delightful Bowl

Sharon P Made This Delightful Bowl

Two Sharons Have Helped Make Empty Bowls A Success

There are two Sharons who have helped make Empty Bowls a success the past few years. This is the story of their bowl-making activities with a “moral” at the end that you won’t want to miss.

Bowl Making is a Noble Act of Kindness

Let’s start with Sharon P. She is quite the accomplished artist, making banners, textiles and other fabulous art. When Sharon decided to delve into bowl-making, she began with pinch pots and quickly graduated to bowls made on a wheel. She is now taking a class where I’m sure she will excel. No doubt, her bowls will end up at the special “auction table” this year. What a success!

Sharon G Made This Delightful Bowl

Sharon G Made This Delightful Bowl

Bowl Making Might Require a Small Dose of Humility

Now, let’s turn our thoughts to Sharon G. who, unfortunately, does not have an artistic bone in her body — at least when it comes to bowl-making. Sharon participated in community bowl-making the last two years and managed to make a couple of bowls that looked and felt like a bowl, even if they weren’t an artistic achievement. Feeling pumped, she accepted when her 21-year old daughter invited her to attend a one-night pottery class. The clay looked inviting and the wheel was turning as she tried to follow the instructions of the — thankfully — very patient teacher. Patience wore a bit thin as the second mound of clay flew off the wheel into an unappealing lump on the adjacent table.

Not quite the success achieved by Sharon P.

Now, you may ask, “what is the moral of this story?”

That’s easy: A bowl, is a bowl, is a bowl … Whether it is:

  • A plastic bowl painted by a kindergarten child,
  • A pinch pot crafted by a volunteer with two unartistic thumbs, or
  • A masterpiece created by a real artist

Each and Every Bowl, Regardless its Origin, Brings Us One Step Closer to Alleviating Hunger in Minnesota.

And, whether you have the skill of a Sharon P. or that of Sharon G., you can help make bowls at our community bowl-making event this year and make a real difference to those in need.

Empty Bowls Robbinsdale is committed to providing our community with a positive experience for young and old, for caring people from all walks of life, to participate joyfully in feeding those less fortunate than us. Please, consider contributing your:

  1. Time
  2. Money
  3. Resources

Filling empty bowls is a gratifying experience and meaningful to those we feed. Thank you.

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